Australia- A Tourist Paradise

Australia is regarded as the magnet attracting visitors worldwide with diverse weather,


unique scenery, great beaches, endless desert and endangered animals.


While Darwin city on the north coast has tropical climate, iAlice Spring in the heart of the


central desert has scorching sun, and Tasmania Island in the southern of Melbourne is


snowy. Varied weather with great scenery has made Australia into a “tourist paradise” –


with the salt lakes shining like mirrors, the original tropical forest, 50,000 km of coastline


and Blue Ocean.


1.Wonderful scenery


Red cliffs strike over blue sky … if you take a car to explore Australia, you will get the


feeling of freedom in its original atmosphere.


2.Sydney city


With 4 million inhabitants, the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the largest city in


Oceania and makes Canberra seem extremely small.


3.The endless beaches


With almost 50,000 km of coastline and nearly 10,000 beaches, Australia has more


beaches than any other country in the world. In addition, with 85% of the population


living in the 50km wide coastal strip, swimming is an indispensable part of Australia.


4.Unique animal world


Australia has a world of extremely unique animals thank to it being isolated from other


continents by vast oceans. Here not only kangaroos have become a symbol of


Australia, but there are also lizards, but they are extremely shy too.


5.The sacred mountain Uluru


The sacred mountain Uluru which is 863m high in central Australia is place natives


considered the residence of the gods who had created the world. To respect the


sacredness of this mountain tourists also come here.


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