Is it the Best Time to Make a Trip to Australia?


Much of Australia has a mild and cool climate all year round. The climate being very pleasant is also a factor helping attract tourists to Australia. Large areas spread over multiple latitude and longitude have created different weather patterns for the Australian


Since the country is located in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons here have the

differences from other countries in the northern hemisphere, the seasons’ order in a

year following calendar will be Autumn , Winter, Spring and Summer.

Autumn is the season of tourism. Tourists also visit Australia in other seasons with large

amount. If you like the cold weather of winter, you should book the tour stopping in

Canberra Australia or Tasmania.

In Tasmania -a destination that is rather close to Antarctica but with warmer

temperatures. The average temperature is about 9⁰C at night and it is about 18⁰C in

summer days. In Winter, it is 6⁰C at night and 15⁰C at daytime. However, it is quite


cold from May to August in Tasmania.


It is also cold in two famous cities, Sydney and Melbourne but it is not as cold as in


Canberra and Tasmania.


Sydney’s climate is very mild, in Summer, the average temperature ranges from 16⁰C


to 24⁰C between day and night. Winter temperatures at night will be 12⁰C and 20⁰C


at daytime.


Climate in the north is quite muggy all year. A quarter of the northern territory has a


tropical climate. Especially, Victorian has 4 typical weather patterns in a day and a


pleasant climate all year round. It has favorable conditions to help attract tourists to visit


without fear of seasonal influences.


In summary, with above information about the Australia’s climate and weather, you can


decide to when you will make a trip to this beautiful country in your convenience.

P.S. Before your trip, look for lists of best attractions!

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